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Microwave to pot HEATER OTPIONS BANNER-01.2

  1. Caronlab 500ml Wax Heater Box RGBv2

    Professional Wax Heater 500g

          Designed to hold Revolutionary Microwavable 400g Hard & Strip Wax Jars This…
  2. Wax Pot Insert

    Professional 1lt Insert

  3. Caronlab 800g Wax Heater Box CMYK

    Professional Wax Heater 1l

    Designed to hold Revolutionary Microwavable 800g Hard & Strip Wax Jars Caronlab Australia's Professional…
  1. Wax Heating Systems

    Caronlab's Professional Wax heaters use advanced technology to provide your salon with a simple and convenient wax heating solution with minimal cleaning.