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  1. wotnot group shot - rgb

    Wotnot Facial and Body Wipes

    Wotnot facial wipes are the first facial wipe that's 100% natural with certified organic ingredients…
  2. FAS Bump eRaiser Group x5

    Bump eRaiser

    No more ingrowns! The Bump eRaiser range has been designed to prevent and treat ingrown hairs redness…
  3. Milano Mitt Colour Range (2) low res

    Milano Exfoliating Mitt

    Made in Italy exclusively for Caronlab Australia Caronlab Australia's Milano Exfoliating Mitt is a must…
  4. Back Strap

    Milano Back Strap

    Made in Italy exclusively for Caronlab Australia This multiple benefit massage back strap removes dead…
  1. Salon After Care & Retail Range

    Caronlab Australia's advanced after care products double as a profit increasing retail range. Offering your clients the best after care treatments available will guarantee superb results in the salon and at home.